Friday, April 30, 2010

King Louis Sterling Flatware by International

We recently acquired a complete set of sterling silver flatware that is absolutely fabulous!  The pattern in King Louis by International.
Every piece, all 78 are marked International Sterling.

Its one of the most ornate patterns I've seen with intricate roses covering the entire handle.  Very romantic.  I can easily see this with rose adorned china or even something plain & simple to offset the opulence of the flatware.

All pieces are sterling silver except the knives and butter knife which have stainless steel blades.

This set includes 12 place settings of 6 pieces each: knife, dinner fork, salad fork, cocktail fork, spoon and soup spoon.

The serving pieces include 2 large pierced spoons, meat fork, gravy ladle, sugar spoon and butter knife.
Can't you just see how elegant your next holiday meal would be?
If you purchased all these pieces from a well known replacement company they would run over $3100.  We have them much more reasonably priced at $2500. 
Here's the link to the listing in our Ebay store:
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Golden Time

Pick my left pocket of its silver dime, but spare the right - it holds my golden time!
Oliver Wendall Holmes
At The Gold Exchange we have beautiful luxury watches by makers such as Rolex, Baume & Mercier, Gucci, Ice Link, Seiko, Omega, Renato, Longines, Invicta, KC, Rado and Renault.
This Renato masterpiece is called the Wildebeast.
Some of the lady's watches are more like bracelets.
The new trend is large face watches, especially automatics.
Those with extra dials and other features are also popular.
And then there are those that are more standard in looks but made with gold and set with diamonds.
There are also some with the old fashioned dials with no extras whatsoever, just excellent craftsmanship.
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